Poor Eating Habits Effects


Below are various visualizations we have successfully used with clients. You can try one of our examples, but in the space provided write down one you would like to try. Be sure to have the uninterrupted time and space to be able to fully visualize the whole experience what you are wearing, your surroundings, the smell and taste of the food, etc. This is not an exercise to rush through. It can be helpful to have someone else, like your therapist or dietitian, guiding you through the experience, but it is not necessary.

Visualize yourself:

Eating a food you have eliminatedfrom your diet and tasting and enjoying it.

Eating pizza with a friend, having a nice conversation and not purging later.

Eating with your family at the dinner table.

Buying new clothes and trying them on without looking at the sizes.

Going to a restaurant and ordering freely what you want, without concern for calories and then eating it and going home and being ok.

Personal visualization idea

What happened when I practiced visualizing

We suggest you add visualization to your weekly Goals Sheet.


We have just looked at how you pay attention, and now we turn to what you pay attention to. In our first secrets, we talk about soul lessons‚ and soul moments,‚ which are terms we use to describe various exercises, activities, and assignments we give clients to help them direct their attention toward matters of spirituality and soul. Soul lessons involve learning to pay attention to your own sacred core essence and the sacredness of life. Soul moments are reminders of your connection to something greater than yourself and help you remain grateful for things that might be ordinary in some sense, but full of awe and wonder when you take the time to really pay attention to and appreciate them.

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