The Most Popular African Clothing Styles for Women in 2019

Precious Petros from Masakhe Educare Centre and Reading Club, Nyanga East I am one of the beneficiaries of Kidz2Kidz. They donated a reading corner to me. When you see that a child is not well or depressed because of issues at home, you can take the child to the reading corner and offer to read them a story. We nurture the children into a love of reading.

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I also run a reading club on Saturdays, not only for the children at the Educare Centre but also for other members of the community. They love it. In the past, our grandparents used to read stories. It was a big part of our culture, but that has faded away. Reading corners are helping. Because of them, our children love to do homework. Before, the kids watched TV and took books for granted. Now, they love books. Even though the younger children can’t read, they can tell stories from looking at the pictures.

It stimulates their minds. Kidz2Kidz plays an important role in Nyanga. I give my time to show them how much I appreciate what they have done for the whole community. Mondeka Mabibini from Uphawu Community Development, Phillippi I started this organisation in 2015 to try to instil a love of reading in our children. About 110 youngsters, aged six to 22, come to the reading club daily. We have reading sessions after school, as well as poetry, cultural dancing, drama, debating and tutoring classes for our grade 10 and 11 pupils. We also have a soccer team and music classes, but we don’t have enough resources like soccer kits and musical instruments.

There are kids who would love to play marimba, so I take them for lessons at one of the better­equipped centres. We need more tutors, but we don’t have enough funds to pay them, so we need volunteers. At the moment we don’t have our own building, so we are using an educare centre that we have access to from 4:45 to 7pm. Legal firm Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes sponsors a daily snack, because kids can’t learn on an empty stomach. Our main challenge is that we’re unable to use the educare centre when they have meetings. This is why Vintage With Love decided to raise funds to build a structure for us this year. Vintage With Love means a lot to me. When just one person buys a garment it makes a life­changing difference to a child. When you give, you don’t know what it means to the person you are giving to. If you don’t have anything to give, your time is also appreciated.

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