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My name is Carl Centeno. And today I m going to be reviewing the book How to be a Man: A Guide to Style and Behavior for the Modern Gentleman by Glenn O brien. I just finished this book yesterday and I would I think it s a great read. I ll give it five out of five stars. But I think it s important that you understand that this book is not a guide to style. In fact, it s, you know, it s going to have charts. It s not going to have graphs. It doesn t have actually a whole lot of photographs. What it does have though, it s a great read a very entertaining read. There is educational value. And I think to really enjoy this, you have to have read Glenn O brien before and be familiar with his wit, the way that he writes, and his humor. So, if you don t like that, you know, just do a search on Google, read one of his articles.

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If you don t enjoy his articles, don t buy the book because you re not going to enjoy it. But if you enjoy his articles, buy the book. It s a great read. And being a Midwesterner or a bit conservative myself, you know, he does have I think a political bend. And his humor, you know, could be offensive to some. But I don t find it that way. The guy is incredibly smart. He makes some great points that really stick with you. And so, you know, let me talk about it, you know, the book in general is I think it s a bit irreverent. I mean, you look at the color. It s bright green. If you read the binding right here on the back, you know, he s got I mean, just what he says here about how, A compendium of manly arts, virile sciences, and potent philosophies for men, young and old, and the women who would understand them.

A guide to high style and brilliant behavior. A roadmap out to the doldrums of social rote and onto the path of cultural triumph. So, I think if you read this side right here, it, in a sense, summarizes the way that Glenn writes and the points he makes. But I really think that overall you know, one, I love the book because it was entertaining. He s a funny guy. He s got a great sense. I love his wit and he s smart. He doesn he realizes that he can t just, you know, he can t just throw things at you. He can that he has to make some solid points. And he does that. He manages to do that in every section. In fact, I really enjoyed his section on sexuality.

I really thought he hit some great points. I did think he missed the point though. He talks about, you know, he classifies men that care about clothing as dandies. And I wouldn t consider myself a dandy although, I am a custom clothier. And I, you know, write quite a bit about men s style but overall, very entertaining. Now, the educational part. I mean, he breaks his book up into five sections. The five sections, he first talks about manhood and what it means to be a man. Then he talks about style. So, actually, only 20 percent of the book, you know, really gets into style. The other part is behavior, which I thought was a really important section because you don t hear you know, people don t talk about men s behavior and really, what does it mean to behave as a man. The other one is culture and society.

Now, you need to understand, he lives and he s writing, I think, for someone that s in a larger city. For those of us in the rural areas, such as myself, you know, I don t really see the culture and society in the same way he does. And the last part is wisdom. And this is where he, you know, gives you a lot of his experience. This is a gentleman that has been around the block. He has earned his reputation and you know, where he is at currently in society and men s style. So, this is somebody worth listening to. So, I alluded to this at the beginning of the review, but you need to understand there are limits to this book. This book again is not a guide. It doesn t really have any there are no pictures in here. It s just words. You know, it s not something that you re going to probably want to put on your s not a coffee table book.

This is a book that you actually want to read. It feels good in the hands. I like it. It s nice and solid, but it s not something, you know, like here. Let me grab if you own Dressing the Man by Alan Flusser, you re going to find, you know, it Dressing the Man is quite a bigger book. And Dressing the Man also has, you know, beautiful images. How to be a Man is you know, if you can t tell by this green, it s almost hideously ugly. But, again, it is a great read. It feels great in the hands. Again, the book I would compare it to is, The Suit: A Machiavellian Approach to Men’s Style. So, if you enjoyed or you own this book, you re going to love this book. Now, if you re looking for a guide, you know, The Indispensable Guide to Classic Men’s Clothing.

This would be something great to buy or anything by Alan Flusser. Bernhard Roetzel Gentleman is a great book to buy as well to compliment this book. So, don t think that you can just buy this book and learn everything you need to know about men s style. This is, I would say, a companion piece if you already own a number of books, which I do. So, you know, for me, again, Glenn O Brien did a great job with this book. I m giving it five out of five stars because I love his humor. I think he s a very smart individual. There is educational value in this and it was an entertaining read. Well worth the amount of money I paid for. All right. My name is Carl Centeno. Thank you for your time.

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