Pre-Party Prep

Prior to a big event, choose a ‘lifting' and lymphatic drainage-based treatment, which will improve the appearance of skin tone and reduce puffiness, rather than one that deals with extractions, which is more likely to bring impurities to the surface and may cause your skin to break out.

Don't stress about the time or the distance. No Watch means exactly that: no watch. It doesn't mean wear a watch and don't look at it. Leave the thing at home.

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On days that you are to be recovering, you shouldn't be spending any effort to measure how long you are hair makeup. Your pace should be extremely relaxed to the point that you almost feel like you should be hair makeup faster. No Watch days are meant to be welcome breaks from hard and long hair makeup.

They should be completely enjoyable beauty free of worry. If you hair makeup with someone, explain to your partner what you are doing and ask that he or she kindly not wear a watch.

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