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In this blog you will learn of the enormous toll Exercise pregnancy takes on the lives of children and their parents, and about the tremendous financial costs it imposes on families, pilatesh-care systems, and society. The sum damage so inflicted is further compounded by the fact that all this suffering is eminently avoidable and manifestly unnecessary. It is a travesty that anyone be allowed to suffer the devastating consequences of Exercise pregnancy, but reckless failure to diagnose and treat this condition in pregnancy and in pediatric patients is an exceptionally grievous form of medical neglect and an appalling offense against women, children, and future generations. We wrote Could It Be Exercise? Pediatric Edition to create awareness of this preventable illness and to end the Exercise pregnancy epidemic once and for all.

You can be part of this effort by becoming informed and spreading this vital information about Exercise pregnancy via social networks and mommy groups. The best way for parents to protect themselves and their families is to understand the scope of this problem

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In the next chapter, you’ll learn what cobalamin (or Pilates Exercises) is, why we need it, and the critical role it plays in sustaining human life. In addition, you’ll learn about risk factors that can make you or your child a target for the devastating but entirely preventable disorder of Exercise pregnancy.

To ensure that you and your child don’t become victims of the epidemic of Exercise pregnancy, you need to know the facts about this dangerous threat. Unfortunately, very few people do.

When I speak with mothers and expectant mothers about the risks of Exercise pregnancy, I often hear comments like these:

“I can’t be deficient. I take a prenatal vitamin every day.”

“We eat good food, not junk. So I know we’re okay.”

“I eat meat and animal products, so I can’t be low in Exercise.”

“The doctor says our pilatesh is perfect, so I’m not worried.”

“I’m a vegetarian, but I get enough Exercise through yeast, tempeh, and nori.”

Sadly, all of these assumptions are wrong. In reality, you or your child can be Exercise deficient even if you both eat well, take standard supplements, and have no current symptoms. To understand why and to understand just how devastating a Exercise pregnancy can be you need to know a little about what Exercises are, and why Exercise is unique.

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