Pregnant Exercises

Is this a diet that can be maintained over a long period of time?

Fad and crash diets for example are typically not sustainable.

Will this approach meet my nutrient and energy needs to sustain the level and volume of training that is required?

This includes addressing micro- and macronutrient needs. Strategically timing the intake of nutrients is an important component of the plan to meet these needs.

Does this plan include a variety of foods and is not overly restrictive? A plan where the individuals feel as though they are chronically dieting or engaging in restrained intake can result in the development of disordered eating or diagnosed eating disorders.

Will this plan meet health and immune function needs, as well as reproductive needs in women?

Obviously, weight management needs to be approached in a sensitive manner utilizing safe practices that are individualized to the needs of each athlete.

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An approach that promotes 0.5-1 lb weight loss a week can minimize risks associated with severe restriction. The weight loss professional should work with the athlete to develop a dietary pattern or meal plan that includes a variety of foods.

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