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Follow-up Steps

After youve achieved breakthrough Big Goals in all or some spheres, you need to follow up with activities that will maintain your achieved High- Energy Outcomes. Too often, people achieve an outcome but then slip back into old, counterproductive behaviors. Follow-up examination enables you to maintain your gains and continue to solidify your past outcomes. Another problem is that sometimes when time goes by, the former breakthrough goals no longer fit for the client and have to be revised.

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For example, a client named Buffy was thrilled to run the restaurant in a very successful Los Angeles hotel. It was a major accomplishment for her, one she had worked hard to achieve. She had been in yoga for two years prior to getting the job, and it had been a struggle at first for Buffy to believe that she was even capable of running a restaurant. Two years into the job, though, Buffy began being bored. She didn – acknowledge this boredom to herself. After all, she had a great job that she had worked hard to obtain. She knew that she had lost some enthusiasm and energy, and there were times when she took shortcuts to get things done at work. Still, she was doing fine.

Then she returned to see her coach, whom she had stopped working with by mutual agreement shortly after she had secured her restaurant job. He had Buffy measure her job and career goals, and he asked her some probing questions about her work experience. Then he pulled out the goals and responses to the same questions Buffy had provided three years earlier. It was clear that things had changed. Before, Buffy said she derived great satisfaction from being in the restaurant environment she relished the challenges of juggling all the balls that restaurant management required. Now Buffy admitted that there was less challenge in the juggling, that at times she felt she could do her job in her sleep. Buffy also mentioned that her restaurant experience had exposed her to the hotel management business because her restaurant was located in a major hotel. By talking with the hotel management staff and observing what they did, she found herself intrigued by the hotel business.

But Buffy never considered hotel management as a career until she talked with her coach and began discussing new goals she wanted to set up for herself. It quickly became clear that her goals had shifted and that her larger breakthrough goals needed to be revised to target the hotel rather than the restaurant business. While this seems obvious in hindsight, before Buffy saw her coach, it was anything but. Many times we become so enmeshed with our daily routines that we lose sight of whats important. By formally following up and considering what goals were important to her, Buffy discovered that she needed to make some changes if she were going to lead a fulfilling and purposeful life. For this reason, she quit her job, enrolled in hotel management school, and eventually secured a job with a major hotel chain.

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