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We got engaged in an art gallery in Newtown a day after my 25th birthday. I was convinced that we were going out for a quick dinner, little did I know that I’d be asked the question that would mark a new chapter in my life – our lives – then and there.

It was a hectic Wednesday afternoon and I was contemplating whether I should even go.

We walked inside the gallery and one of the artists showed us around, explaining what each art piece was about. We arrived at a specific piece, which looked like four pieces combined, and upon further inspection I realised that each piece had a word written on it. As I looked closer the words were â˜will’, â˜you’, â˜marry’, â˜me’. Soon after, something bright caught my eyes, and before I knew it he was on his knee.

The lawyer in me must have questioned him for about five minutes before saying yes! Our friends, who witnessed everything, came out of their hiding places, congratulated us, and wished us well in our walk together.

There’s an element of quirk and intrigue about Ty Hunter, there has to be, considering the creativity that goes into styling one of music’s most influential stars, Beyonce. Dressed in an all-black ensemble of harem pants and sweatshirt worn around his waist, you can see originality down to the tank he chose to wear: crown-topped cartoon characters, reminiscent of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, accessorised with stacked chains. Stacked bangles adorn his arms, too. It’s statement-making yet relaxed, in keeping with his personality and vibe. â˜I’ve always been that way,’ he says. â˜I try to send out a positive vibe; it makes life stress-free for me,’ he says.

The first time we connect is while Hunter is in LA: â˜I wanted to be sure my Skype is fine because I always forget my password,’ he says when he appears on my screen. Nine days later we connect again while Hunter is prepping for an event in New York.

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