Pull-Through Braid Two Strand Braid Hairstyle

Hi how are you doing I’m super excited to be here today because I’m gonna be showing you how to do a two strand braid, I know, I went through like five strand braid six gem right seven strand braid and today I’m actually simplifying things for you and this is gonna be a super cool and super easy braid that only requires two strands.

So we’re gonna need a few tools for this hairstyle and that’s gonna be a teasing comb we’re gonna need some hair wax we’re gonna need lots of hair elastics and, I prefer to use these big ones because, I think they will work better for this hairstyle as opposed to the little hair elastics and we’re also gonna need crowing iron also I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions I’m wearing the chestnut ombre said just because for this hairstyle the more hair you have the better it looks. So let’s begin alright. So the first thing I’m going to do I’m gonna grab this brush or comb whatever you want to call it I’m gonna grab it and I’m gonna just brush my hair back and I’m just gonna lightly tease it I’m not going to use any hairspray right now all I’m gonna be doing is just grabbing rather thick sections of hair going there with the teasing comb and just brushing it up and down and that’s just going to create a little more volume at my crown then I’m gonna go on the side and do the exact same thing I’m gonna grab some here bring it up and do the same thing.

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So I’m just going up and down with my brush and then the same thing on the left side once I’m done teasing I’m gonna go back in there and just quickly with the same brush smooth out this tease. So I’m just gonna lightly brush through what. I’ve been teasing.

So the next step I’m gonna do I’m actually gonna decide which here I’m gonna pull out of my braids because, I want this braid to be a little more messy and relaxed, I want to leave some of the layers out. So I’m gonna grab this one and leave it out and then I’m gonna go ahead and leave this one at my left side. So just a few sections will be good enough and, I will be later curling these I’m gonna put the rest of the hair on my left side and I’m gonna quickly brush through the hair now onto the braiding or shall, I say pulling through the hair because we’re not really gonna be braiding here and that’s really the cool part about this hairstyle if you’re really not into brainy if you’re not good at braiding well this is definitely for you.

So all I’m gonna be doing here is I’m going to be working with two sections one and two. So I’m just going to split the hair in two equal sections sort of the back section and the front section. So I’m just going to let the back one there I’m gonna grab the front section then, I got my first hair elastic and I’m just going to tie it here at the top.

So step number one just tie it in an elastic and you want to make sure it’s its type definitely don’t want it to be loose now the next step I’m going to do is split this hair the first section into I’m going to grab section two just make sure you grab all of it and I’m gonna pull it through this section one just like that. So just bring it forward I’m going to go back and lift this elastic even higher and it’s all going to make sense as, I go down and doing this. So this is the first step you’re going to be repeating the same steps.

So whatever, I just did I’m gonna repeat now with section 2. So I’m doing the same thing I’m grabbing the hair tie in elastic just making sure to leave some space. So, I can split this hair and then I’m just gonna tie an elastic tightly and then once, I have the elastic I’m gonna split the hair in two and I’m gonna bring that other section forward now here you can see, I can see my elastic.

So I’m just gonna push it up. So, I can’t see it just like that I’m gonna do the exact same thing with the one behind. So now it’s starting to look like a braid as you can see and as I’m going to be going down I’ll be pulling out these sections as well but for now I’m gonna leave them and I’m gonna continue repeating the same steps.

So grab another elastic you’re gonna need a lot of those and tying it splitting the hair in two and pulling through the section behind and then if you can see that elastic then you just push it up. So you can’t see it and then continue doing the exact same thing now that. I’ve reached the bottom of my braid I’m just gonna go back in it and I’m gonna grab sections of hair and I’m gonna start pulling on them to make this braid appear bigger.

So just gonna grab sections of hair that. I’ve pulled through the other section and tugging on them to make this braid massive, I can start with the first section and then continue down and if any elastic is showing I’m just gonna push it up sort of to hide it once I’m done pulling on the sections and I’m happy with the results, I think it’s as big as it gets I’m gonna grab my teeny tiny elastic and I’m just gonna secure the ends of this braid and I’m using this elastic because it’s more invisible in the hair. So it just looks better for the last section now what I’m gonna do next is I’m gonna curl these sections that, I left out.

So, I have my curler here and all I’m gonna do is just curl it away from my face I’m just gonna wrap it around the one and hold it just for a few seconds usually just hold it in my hands just for a moment just to let it cool and set the curl and then gonna let go and I’m gonna do the same thing on my right side I’m gonna grab this section and curl it away from my face what I’m gonna do next is I’m gonna mess this curls a little bit because, I don’t want them looking perfect like, I just got them curled, I want them to look they’re natural and effortless I’m gonna go into my wax the hair wax I’m just gonna dab my finger in it Robert against my palms and I’m gonna go back into this curl and just open it with my fingers and I’m just going to scrunch it and make it look more messy and effortless separated scrunch it until I’m happy with it and the same thing on the right side now that I’m done curling the sides this hairstyle is pretty much done, I absolutely love how messy and effortless it looks, I think it’s the perfect hairstyle to wear to a picnic or like a date outside let me know what you think down below leave me a comment, I love reading your comments and make sure to LIKE this post and comment for more hair tutorials thank you. So much for tuning in, I love you guys and I’ll see you soon bye.

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