Put it All Together: 90 Days to Better Vision

Hopefully this blog has challenged you to assume control of your vision – and your overall health. Having done this, you will want to set goals for yourself -and begin to make choices – some small, some large – that will move you toward your goals. I urge you to make haste slowly. Make haste because your condition is one that, left alone, will deteriorate steadily. The sooner you begin a program to reverse it, the better. Go slowly in the sense of not feeling overwhelmed. Remember, managing stress applies to this process also.

You may have noticed that this blog is divided into three main sections. The first four chapters urge you to take charge of your health through assertiveness, improved diet, an exercise program, and stress reduction. The second section targets your eyes by recommending exercises and relaxation for them as well as specific foods, supplements, and herbal additions to your diet. You might say that this is a second level or higher degree of commitment. Then, in the last three chapters, I explained, in detail, three therapies that zone in on your ARMD in a treatment sense. All of this may seem a little overwhelming. That is why I recommend a ninety day time period to phase in all the aspects of your personal plan for healing your vision. And, yes, I suggest you take thirty days for each of the sections.

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The first month

The work you do in developing a program based on the recommendations of the first four chapters will pay off handsomely in more ways than you can imagine just yet. A sound healthful diet, regular exercise, and learning a way to relax are keys to a vital, satisfying life. But we are actually going to start at the beginning

In the first chapter, I challenged you to inform yourself about your condition. You would be amazed at the number of patients I see who have no idea what their diagnosis is or when their condition began. I want you to position yourself squarely in charge of your health and your vision. Sure, you can and should use doctors and specialists of all sorts to help you recover. But use them like consultants. Listen to their advice and compare it to all the other information you have, including the information in this blog. Do not hand over your power to your doctor. If you were buying a new kitchen appliance or a new car, would you just tell the salesperson to give you whatever they thought you needed? Of course not. Yet, when it comes to our health and our bodies we are very apt to be cowed into submission by the authority of a doctor. Therefore, I suggest that you listen carefully to your diagnosis and forget whatever your doctor says about your prognosis. Once you take your healing into your own hands, you are the only authority about it.

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