QUICK And EASY Braided Hairstyles

Hey all, Welcome back it’s that time of the week hairstyles I’m excited. Because today we are doing everything around French braids they’re going to be awesome.

So first things first with braids you guys probably know the drill already I’m going to add a little bit of texture spray or dry shampoo to my hair just to give it a little bit of grit. So when, I do braids the braids don’t fall apart and just go flat on me and also, I am that to the person when, I do braids, I like to pull the braids apart as much as, I can to get that crazy dimension. So this is the not your mother’s the beach babe texturizing dry shampoo this one’s really great smells great smells like the beach coconut and it does a job very well, and it’s cheap. So the first braid is going to be obviously a French braid. But I’m going to do a milkmaid / hallo version type of thing. But the technique is going to be the technique that, I use from the faux braids with a very first hairstyle the one that looks like an orange or an onion and that type of thing. So basically I’m going to divide my hair all from going from the back of my head the crown kind of going forward to hair and then just basically going around under just said, I look like Chewbacca.

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So I’m going to start right in front of my ears and then I’m going to start French braiding well the first section I’m going to do just initial braid. So that’s basically going over without adding in hair and do the same thing to the other outer sections forward and. If you guys want to learn how to defend your braid a little bit more in depth, I have a ton of tutorials on that i’ll have them linked down for you guys in the description box. So while i’m braiding it when, I get to behind the other ear, I will reposition my hand just to make it easier myself you don’t have to do this. But I found that it helps and then once, I finish braiding to the other opposite side of the ear where we started this is where I’m going to finish braiding the braid off into a regular braid and then tie it off with at least an inch to two inches off and this is where the fun part begins, I like to pull a braid apart as much as, I can a quick tip or trick for pulling apart the braid for me it’s easiest when, I start at the very beginning and then make my way down to the very end of right and then just go back in and see where, I need to make it even bigger this just kind of ensures the brain is going to be kind of the same all the way around. So hides a clear elastic and the end portion of the braid, I took a bobby pin place the regular clear elastic wrap the hair around it and then place it over the first section of the braid and then, I placed everything underneath everything else just to make it all look continuous and finished, I love this hairstyle. Because it’s really romantic.

But your hair is out of your face it’s up and you still look super beautiful hairstyle number two is in a bit of Van Slyke updo it’s a French twist will of course a French braid. So I’m just going to divide my hair to two sections one for the French twist and one for the braid. So I’m going to take first starting off with a bigger section for the French twist very simple I’m going to take a brush or my hand smooth it down and then making sure, I start from the bottom. But twisting it towards the top and then smoothing them down as, I twist and making sure, I talk to hair underneath creating that French twist you can use bobby pins or I’m using the Cork’s pins to secure the French twist in place. So for the French braid it’s the same exact technique is the first one you take the outer sections and you bring them over the middle to get the French braid effect and I’m going to keep this braid as close as possible to my face to give it that headband type of look that I’m looking for and then once I’m done, I go to the very very bottom I’m going to bridge it off just a little bit and then tie it up with a clear elastic making sure there’s at least one or two inches left unbraided. So, I can pull the braid apart as much as, I can let’s do this you guys see that difference it just gives the braid so much more emphasis, I love pulling apart braids this looks to hide the end of the braid I’m going to take your right underneath the French twist and secure it with a bobby pin right into it now I’m quickly going to fix the top portion of the French twist I’m going to twist it a little bit go in the same direction and then just basically just tuck it underneath at the very top and just secure it with a bobby pin to finish off and complete the look I’m going to add a little bit of hairspray and I’m going to smooth down the side just to kind of make sure everything is smooth make sense just look, I know there we have it for this double French double romantic hairstyle definitely one my favorites, I think it’s a timeless look and there we have it for these really really pretty romantic hairstyles that included French braids which one was your favorite let me know in the comment section down below and what other hairstyles you guys want to see in the future thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the next one bye.

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