Quick and Easy Updo Hairstyles

Hi how are you doing today I’m going to show you the super cute and easy summer updo, I think it’s absolutely perfect and ideal for hot summer days when you can’t stand your hair in your face and you just wanna you know off your face it’s really easy to do it just takes minutes.

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So let’s begin the first thing I’m going to do is take my red tail comb and I’m gonna just part my hair right in the middle okay once the hair is parted I’m going to take the same comb and what I’m gonna do is just grab a section here at the crown and I’m gonna tease it take the brush and just move it up and down and I’m going to just use a little bit of hairspray just to add more texture and then take another section spray and seize it then I’m gonna bring all of this bag and I’m gonna smooth it out next what I’m gonna do is just take my hair bring it forward and I’m just gonna start making two regular braids on the side and just braid them pretty tight you don’t want them to be too loose just going to take my little elastic and secure the ends of the braid and the same thing on the other side and that’s it no I’m just kidding mm-hmm gotcha okay. So next what I’m gonna do is just start tugging sections of this braid and finding the sections out. So making the braid look thicker by taking the sections and just pulling them out and if you have layers be careful when you do this because you do not want the braid to look too messy with the braids sticking out from all directions huge difference right.

So now I’m gonna do the exact same thing on the other side all right. So what I’m gonna do next is just got one of my braids bring it back I’m gonna fold the ends of the braid because my braid is pretty long and just gonna pin it in place now what I’m going to do is take the other braid bring it over the first braid sort of you know cross it I’m gonna fold the ends and I’m just gonna pin those ends in place next I’m gonna take my rat tail comb again and with the ends of the comb I’m just gonna pull on the strands here at the crown to you know create a little more volume here and the updo is done now you can really stop here and, I usually do when, I don’t have the time to do anything extra in my bangs but today, I do. So with my curling iron and with a smaller barrel just curl my bangs away from my face and literally this just takes an extra minute or.

So just grab a section and throw it away kind of completes the whole look and then here you’re gonna do it the other way and just to hold this look I’m gonna spray my bangs just sprayed my face alright my beauties that’s it for today thank you. So much for tuning in as always let me know how it works for you give it a try leave me a comment down below recreate this hairstyle and also post it on your Instagram with e hair hash tag I’ll be spying on you to see how you did thanks. So much for reading mmm love you guys.

So much and I’ll see you soon bye you won the hair Oh off your face you.

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