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Hi everyone my name is Ashley and today I’m going to show you guys how to achieve this quick and easy top knot messy bun this is my go-to hairstyle whenever it’s raining or it’s humid outside and, I just want to keep my hair up and out of my face it’s also great because, I used a few of my hair extensions to make this bun very thick and very luminous.

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So for all you short hair girls who are looking for a thick and voluminous bun this tutorial is for you to start this hairstyle off I’m going to go ahead and section just above my ears and clip the top half of my hair up and out of the way once the hair is secured I’m going to go ahead and grab a two clip twaf and gently brush it. So that there are no tangles within the weft once brushed I’m going to go ahead and flip that weft upside down and clip it into the top half of my hair now remember when clipping your weft in for a messy bun or for a ponytail you always want to clip the weft in a direction the hair is going since the hair is going up you always want to clip the weft going up this will help to ensure that the hair in the back your head lays flat you can’t see your weft sticking out I’m then going to go ahead and section another piece of hair just above that part and grab my three clip weft now this one I’m going to clip facing downwards this is because this weft is just going into the crown of my head this is going to help to ensure that when the hair is pulled back that the top left isn’t going to stick out and it’s going to lay flat against your head once done I’m going to go ahead and pull my hair back into a ponytail and brush the ponytail just to ensure that all the hairs are covering the weft once all the hair is covering the weft I’m going to go ahead and twist my hair into a really really really tight button and wrap the hair around it once, I have the bun to my liking I’m going to go ahead and secure it with a hair elastic once secured this is the fun part for all my short-haired girls or girls about layers in your hair you’re going to want to grab a bunch of bobby pins and start securing any little hairs that are sticking out to your head once all your layers are secured I’m going to go ahead and grab a few pieces of hair around the frame of my face just to give this hairstyle a little bit more of a messy look if you’re into more of a sleek bun you can always just leave your hair just how it is I’m then going to start pulling apart the button and messing it up just a little bit to give it a little bit more volume, I miss you. So once you have your bun to your liking that’s it you’re all done and that’s it very quick very simple very easy this hairstyle is great whether you have short hair long hair curly hair it’s perfect for all occasions.

So if you guys like this hairstyle be sure to recreate it and let me know in the comments below what you think I’d love hearing from you guys have a good day bye he was a team-high season start Jason star.

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