Quick Easy Side Bun Hairstyles

So today’s tutorial is going to be something super super easy great for everyday because it is So easy to do and takes like a couple of minutes but also something that Luke would look amazing you know for a night out or a wedding or any kind of outing you know like a Christmas party or New Year’s party whatever you know whatever the occasion this is going to be your go to on hairstyle, I promise. So what are you gonna need for this hairstyle is just a simple hairbrush you’re going to need some bobby pins you’re gonna need a couple hair ties or just one will see you’re also going to need these, I don’t know if you can see this other kind of bobby pins which are a little bigger and you can get these at any beauty supply store, I don’t know if you can see them. So the bigger kind of hair pins or bobby pins and we might need a hairspray I’m not really sure depending on how much hair falls out as you’re doing this hair tutorial we might need some hairspray.

So have this handy just in case you need it alright. So let’s begin first you’re gonna just start with brushing the hair putting all the hair on one side and brushing it, I am wearing my lucky hair extensions today this is number four in 160 gram super luxurious set. So I’m just going to brush through the hair to make sure there’s no tangles, I don’t know if, I mentioned the name but I’m probably going to just call this hairstyle a side bun messy side bun or elegant side bun you can do it either way you want depending on their occasion that you’re sporting this look for it.

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So once you’ve brushed all the hair you know you can just grab the hair and start twisting it. So you grab all the hair and start twisting it downwards and as you’re twisting it you want to also let it roll let it roll in a circle kind of what I’m doing right now and keep twisting the hair keep twisting the ends around the circle, I hope that makes sense. So you just keep twisting it around it okay.

So you’ll have something like this when you’re done now you want to grab the hair elastic and put it over over this button and you have something like this now to the rescue are your bobby pins because all the hair that’s sticking out right now will need to be pinned on to the hair and I’ll show you what, I mean by that. So you’ll just grab the hair whatever is sticking out and start pinning it in and you’re also going to need this other last bobby pins that, I was talking about for grabbing the hair and pinning it closer to the rest of the hair here. So you just grab it and then twist it in and it just holds it closer to the arm to the rest of the hair does that really make sense, I think you guys can just watch me and do what, I do and then you might want to pin the hair on the side here just a little bit alright and continue pinning whatever here is sticking out on this side might take you just a minute or two you know depending on what your bond will look like because every time, I do this look it looks different.

So every time you need a different amount of hair pins or bobby pins. So you just continue pinning it in and then decide how many more you need. So anything that’s falling out like these little hairs they’re sticking out again if you’re just wearing it for everyday you can let them out but if you’re wearing them for an evening out like I’m going out tonight and, I want it to be more tidy.

So you just pin it up and then because, I do have a few flyaways what I’m going to do to finish off this look is just spray everything with my L net L’Oreal hairspray. So you just spray it and then you just smooth out any hair that’s sticking out and you’ll have a more of a smoother look altogether. So once you’ve pinned away the flyaways and sprayed it with hairspray you’re pretty much done I’m sorry about the lighting as, I was doing the post, I realized the Sun came out and that totally made me yellow because you need to change the setting on the camera if the lighting changes.

So, I apologize for being a little yellow in the middle of this post you know what can you do but um thank you. So much for reading this is a wonderful hairstyle just to support any day or on a special occasion because it is so super easy you know, I just challenge you to try it it takes two minutes and it looks great the more you do this hairstyle the easier it’s going to get.

So you know again it’s really great alternative to a ponytail or something regular that you would do every day you know no effort pretty much and something really cool and something really beautiful at the same time you know. So definitely give it a shot and thank you. So much guys for reading thank you for your support and all the wonderful comments you leave down below, I really love reading them and I’ll see you guys awesome thank you bye you.

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