Quick Every Day Half-Do Hairstyles

Hi everyone how are you doing. So today’s tutorial is SuperDuper easy every day have to that you can literally do in two minutes not kidding.

So let’s begin for this tutorial you are going to need a teasing brush a brush like this you can get at any beauty supply I’m gonna use a hairspray, I use a L’Oreal a rat tail comb and just a hair brush and we’re also gonna need this these elastic bands get one in your hair color. So it blends well and you can see the elastic band you can get these pretty much at any dollar store or Walmart they’re a dollar or two okay. So let’s begin with brushing the hair to remove any tangles and, I do get quite a few tangles just brush thoroughly alright.

So once you brush them here you’re gonna take a small section here at the crown and we’re gonna tease that really fast. So for that you’re gonna need the teasing brush that we have and just move this what you’re gonna do is just if you don’t know how to tease here you just want to up and down. So it’s just like going up and down and that’s gonna create volume alright and then just smooth it over okay.

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So what we’re gonna do next is section two here and I’m gonna use the column the comb but you don’t really need to you can just use your fingers and go like this I’m using the comb cuz, I like how it’s more precise. So just gonna divide the hair and then do the same on the other side okay. So once, I grab the hair I’m gonna take an elastic band it’s.

So tiny and I’ll turn around. So you can see what I’m doing and just do it half ponytail in the middle okay I’m just gonna check it in the mirror okay looks good. So or we get into next and this part is super easy.

So don’t worry you just split the hair in two with your fingers and then you take the end and put it through the loop okay. So you just taking that end and flipping it over and pulling it through the loop and voila let me just see if, I did it right yeah that looks good see you can’t even detect the elastic band. So that makes it even nicer alright and in the end I’ll just spray a little bit about that just to hold up better for the day and that is it see, I told you it’s only two minutes um.

So, I hope you guys like it please comment request posts if you if you want and comment if you haven’t yet thank you. So much for reading and I’ll see you guys soon.

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