Quick Messy Bun Up-Do Hairstyles

Hello my lovelies I’m going to be showing you how to recreate this kind of everyday messy bun messy updo messy bun look whatever you want to call Italy don’t need anything fancy just a few tools and, I really enjoy it, I really love doing messy buns for summer because it’s. So easy and it’s. So convenient when it’s you know warm outside and you’re kind of on the go.

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So yeah if you want to know how to recreate this look then definitely stay tuned and, I will show you step-by-step ok guys. So to recreate this look we’re going to need just a few basic things that pretty much everyone’s gonna have and that is a brush to just brush through the hair add a teasing comb this is denim d3 and you can also use a rat tail comb to tease your hair and just a regular elastic band and just some bobby pins to match your hair color and as a final step just to decorate the hairstyle is um a headband and one that has sort of two straps would be best you can kind of play around and create a very pretty look. So let’s begin the first thing I’m going to do is brush the hair to make sure there’s no tangles after that I’m going to just put the hair up in a high um sort of a messy ponytail and you want to go serve um you know right at the crumb and just secure secure the ponytail about three four times okay once you have your hair in the ponytail you want to just tighten it up from all sides and then just loosen it up up here a little bit and then we’re going to put in the headband and the first strap is going to be kind of close to the hairline and the second strap I’m just going to separate a little bit back just like this okay and then back here I’m just going to pull out some hair and make it a little bit more poufier.

So what I’m doing is I’m just putting the back side of the rat tail comb into the hair and just pulling out some hair forgot to mention you also want to pull out some hair at the top right here and what I’m doing is again just using a rat tail comb just lightly pulling out a bit of hair and that’s just going to balance out the look just like this okay. So now for the for the ponytail what you want to do is grab some sections of hair but two inches, I would say um tease that section a little bit and then I’m just going to kind of fold it onto itself and attach it to the head and if you have some pieces I’m going to use bobby pins to secure that section if you have some pieces like me sticking out that’s fine it’s how this look is a messy look. So you know doesn’t matter if they’re sticking out but if they do bother you you can just you know use some bobby pins in and just secure that.

So there’s one section and we’re going to do exactly the same thing with the rest of this I’m just going to go around tease and you know tease just like this and then using some bobby pins to catch this around the base of the ponytail. So for the backside is still flipping upwards I’m going to just flip it under under itself just kind of fold it onto itself just like this. So I’m just attaching two bobby pins from both sides okay.

So at this point, I have one section in the back left. So I’m going to do the same thing just pick up the hair pick up my teasing comb and tease that section the morning teas basically the bigger and the poufier your you know your bun will be. So just adjust as you wish.

So again right here I’m just picking up the end of the ponytail or the teased up section and folding it onto itself just like this and then I’m just going to attach it with some bobby pins. So you once you’ve teased up the hair and pinned it in place this is the finished look, I really like it it’s it’s very summery it’s very easy to pull together and, I hope you guys enjoyed this look and give it a try, I hope you’re having a fabulous day and, I will see you guys in the next tutorial bye.

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