Quick Summer Hairstyle Twisted Messy Bun

Hi everyone today I’m going to show you how to do a very quick hairstyle that is ideal for summer and that’s because it sort of puts all your hair away from your face and when it’s you know hot outside and you kind of want to have put together look but you don’t want to have your hair out this is an ideal look for that and you’ll see it only takes about a few minutes and really you don’t need much you’re gorgeous we’re just going to need a few bobby pins and an elastic band and just a little bit of creativity.

So to begin. I’ve already brushed my hair if you would like you can brush your hair again and what we’re going to do is just part the hair in the middle just like that and it’s twisted because we’re going to be twisting both sides to the sides and then having it kind of like a messy a little bun in the back. So what you want to do is sort of start off just pick up the front hair and start kind of twisting it away from your face and basically the whole thing is just twisting it and keep adding here as you twist.

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So we’re going to twist and add hair twist and add more hair and then just continue the same process going all the way to the back and just pick up the hair from the side of the ear and just keep adding it and twisting and then keep adding more hair and just twisting it all the way to the back and when you sort of reached let me show you behind the ear you want to just twist it a few times on onto itself without adding hair just like that and just secure that in place with some bobby pins going from two directions okay this bobby pin doesn’t want to open up. So we’re just going to go up and then in the opposite direction going down. So it’s secure there you go.

So one side is done and let me show you how that looks and we’re just going to do the exact same thing on the other side. So basically pick up the hair from the front and start twisting it just do that. So you can see and just adding hair as you twist and you want to make sure that when you’re twisting they’re kind of going in the same direction because you don’t want want to be higher and they all want to be lower.

So you just kind of twist making sure that they’re going to be balanced on either side and just twist it and again when you get to the side of the ear you stop adding here and just twist it onto itself a few times and just secure that in place with some bobby pins there we go there’s one and second one in the opposite direction just the crisscross and and then you want to just put the rest of the hair up into a ponytail and the way you’re going to do that is just take an elastic band gather all the hair in the back and I’ll show you from the back you’re just going to twist it once and then twist all the hair up onto itself and then just attach that on and what you get is this kind of mess you look and if you have hair like that sticking out you’re just going to hide it back into the elastic band just going to pick it up and kind of pack it in there and then just kind of open up the bun. So it becomes a little Messier just like that okay. So just do that a few times until you get the bun looking the way you want and again if you have this kind of hair sticking up that’s okay we’re just going to, I mean you can leave it to but because there’s nothing on this side I’m just going to tuck this in again and, I don’t like seeing this kind of elastic man.

So what, I usually do is just kind of pick up the bun and I’m going to put up a bobby pin right here. So it holds the bun up a little bit. So pick up a bobby pin and just go into the hair, I hope you guys can see where you kind of get the idea right and just attach it up and.

So once you’ve attached the top part the top part of the bun to your hair I’m going to do the exact same thing with the bottom. So it doesn’t like you know have this kind of room in between. So again you’re just going to pick up part of the bun and using a bobby pin just pin that in place, I hope you guys can see this um.

So basically you’re doing exactly the same thing as you did up top I’m just going to check it out in the mirror um yeah, I think, I think that’s good. So like, I said, I think it’s an ideal look for a summer day, I would be perfect for it at lunch day with your girlfriends or day at the beach or any other day or night, I think it’s a perfect way to put your hair away from you okay from your face but still look put together you guys enjoyed this and if you did please rate comment and if you haven’t commentd yet please comment to the blog and we’ll see you next time bye.

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