Quick Weight Loss Tips 2 Weeks

Quick Weight Loss Tips 2 Weeks

Calcium for exercises full workout the main bone mineral and the total calcium content of the body is renewed over a six-year period. About 90% of the calcium within the body is in the skeletal system

Phosphorus is essential for repair of bone fractures. To function efficiently calcium (2.5 parts) must be balanced with phosphorus (1 part) and 80% of the body’s phosphorus is within the skeletal system

Magnesium is essential for proper absorption of both calcium and phosphorus, and approx.70% of magnesium is stored within the skeletal system

Silicon is essential for calcium metabolism; it also provides strength to the bones and protects the bones from uric acid crystals, as it assists in their elimination from around bone joints.

Vitamin C is essential in the formation of collagen, the protein substance within every bone. Vitamin C is required daily to assist in the growth and maintenance of bones.

Vitamin D and sunlight is vital for strong bones and bone growth in children. It is essential to ensure an adequate amount of sunlight, especially in winter.

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The human skeleton is the frame to the body with a total of approx.200 bones for adults and 350 bones in infants. The name ‘skeleton’ comes from the Greek work for ‘dried up’, however, bones contain approx.30% water. The skull has over 20 different bones. The inner part of bones is made from a protein, collagen. The outer layer is made mainly from the minerals calcium, phosphorus, silicon, fluorine and magnesium.

SPINAL COLUMN The spinal column is the central part of the skeletal system, supporting the head and consisting of 33 bones with two main groups: flexible (7 cervical are at the the top, 12 dorsal, 5 lumbar) and fixed (5 sacral, 4 coccyx).

RIBS The ribs are arranged in twelve pairs and the ‘true’ ribs are the top seven pairs. The ribs protect the vital organs within, such as the heart, liver and lungs.

TEETH By the age of two the first set of 20 ‘milk teeth’ has formed and progressively from the age of 6 to 25 the permanent 32 teeth are formed. Teeth are made from calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc.

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