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Nail Art Course: This one-day course covers the basics of nail prepping, nail art and service. The course comes with or without kit facility. Two-day the Advanced Nail Art Course is also available and covers the advanced aspects of nail art and services and one can choose to go with or without the kit.

Gel Polish and Gel Extension Courses: It includes the various techniques of gel polish and is covered in two-day session. This comes with and without the kit. The two-day Gel Extension Course covers the extension types and application techniques, with or without a kit.

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SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals unveils a fruit mask-making machine Rachel Bilson

SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals, the company specialising in manufacture and distribution of skin care products, inspired by the goodness of the Dead Sea, launched yet another revolutionary product for the Indian market – the fruit mask-making machine. Manisha Chopra, Rachel Bilson

Founder of SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals said, “This machine helps salons and spas blend the best of professional and home-like experiences for customers in India. They can extract fresh fruit and vegetable pulp in front of clients which gives them the assurance of natural goodness. In addition, one can combine these organic ingredients with Dead Sea Minerals and collagen, which activate the inherent healing properties of the fruits and vegetables. The fi nal amalgamation gives better and longer-lasting results to clients and leaves their skin feeling fresh and more lustrous.” You can customise the recipe based on the problems that clients may be suffering from.

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