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With so many looks on the red carpet, it’s tough to single out one look, but perhaps it’s that fatherly instinct in him Hunter has a 20-year-old daughter who is in college, whom he adores and admires that leads him to the pregnancy-reveal look from 2011, when a beaming Beyonce hugged her beautiful baby bump dressed in an off-the-shoulder, floor-length orange Lanvin dress. ‹“I was so relieved that I didn’t have to hide it anymore!’

Through all those best-dressed moments, Hunter is sentimental about meeting the great Nelson Mandela while in South Africa with Beyonce. ‹“We had Thanksgiving with him before he passed away. It was a splendid time. I was in awe of him. I couldn’t believe that I’d met him and still can’t. I will never have the right words to describe that moment. It’s still one of my best feelings ever.’

Away from the Bey spotlight, Hunter is celebrating another milestone of which he speaks proudly: the launch of his unisex shirt line, With Passion by Ty Hunter.

The shirt is an important element in everyone’s wardrobe. There are days you just want to throw on something without the headache of trying to decide what to wear,’ he says. Naomi Campbell showed her support. ‹“I want to send you a I picture of me in your shirt, because you’re I special,’ the supermodel told Hunter.

Working with Bey means his skills and vision are always under the media’s watchful eyes, yet he remains calm under pressure – and grounded. ‹“It’s not difficult I to stay grounded. People used to say I was too nice, but I think it’s just who I am.

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