Relaxed French Braid Hairstyles

My beautiful friends So today I’m going to show you how to create this new variation of a French braid, I call it the relaxed French braid because it’s all loose and relaxed it’s super beautiful and super easy to recreate. So let’s begin the first thing I’m going to do is grab a big section here at the top of my head and I’m going to split that section into three equal strands and just going to start doing a regular three strand braid. So I’m going to braid it down three times from my left side here I’m gonna add a big chunk of hair into the left strand braid it in and then add another big chunk of hair from the right side add it in.

Relaxed French Braid Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So here’s the you know the French braiding that’s where it begins then we’re gonna continue down breathing a regular three-strand braid and we’re gonna braid it three times again and then we’re going to add another big chunk of hair from the left braid it in and another big chunk of hair from the right braid it in and continue doing all the way down your hair when you finish your braid just secure the ends with a hair elastic. So was this easy or what give this French bread a try and let me know how you like it down below in the comment box, I love reading your comments make sure to LIKE this post down below share it and of course comment for more hair tutorials love you guys have a wonderful day and I’ll see you soon bye there’s thousands of people look there’s only one person you.

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