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If you already have ARMD, the addition of these nutrients will help stabilize your vision at its present level. It may help you regain some of the sight you have lost by optimizing the functioning of the healthy parts of your macula, including cells that have been nutritionally starved for decades. It will also set the stage to enhance the effectiveness of any of the other techniques I will describe in the final chapters of the blog. Your success with them is highly dependent on improving not only your overall health, but the health of your eye tissues and cells.

A green diet

I realize that the typical American diet contains very little of the foods now considered vital to eye as well as overall health. No fast food I have ever seen contains leafy green vegetables or broccoli. In fact, aside from anemic lettuce and tomatoes, fast food contains very little in the way of vegetables. Spinach can be ordered at most restaurants, but the other types of vegetables are rarely seen on a menu. Once again, I need to emphasize the benefits of home cooking. Eating at least one home cooked meal each day is the only way to ensure consuming the necessary quantities of greens. In addition to eating one home cooked meal, I urge you to lunch on leftovers from this meal. Adopt the habit of eating soup for breakfast if it agrees with you. With a little discipline, you can easily consume three to five servings of vegetables and fruit by lunch time.

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Leafy greens rule

You will need to become creative at preparing daily servings of green leafy vegetables if you wish to improve the health of your eyes. Greens cooked with garlic and onions often appeal more readily than those prepared plain. However, remember to avoid cooking methods that kill the vital carotenes. Do not fry greens. Saute, steam, or gently bake them in their own juices. Although they may not win popularity contests at the dinner table, all members of your family will benefit from this change in your diet.

Now that I have motivated you to eat food for your macula, I want to emphasize the importance of being able to digest it. Many people, particularly the aged and those with chronic illness, have impaired bowel function. This means that nutrients from food pass through without being absorbed in your bloodstream and circulated to the organs and tissues that need them so desperately. One way to support the digestion of carotene is to take your supplements with food since they require fat enzymes to break them down. Alternatively you can take digestive enzymes with them. Lutein and zeaxanthin should not be taken at the same time as other beta carotene supplements since the absorption of the other types of carotenes can interfere with the absorption of lutein and zeaxanthin.


A toxic condition results from the buildup of cellular waste in the body. This is exactly what causes macular degeneration. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that waste clearing processes have slowed down or ceased throughout your system. Traditional means of detoxifying included enemas, saunas, fasting and the use of colonics to rid the body of waste through the normal channels of the colon and skin. Fortunately, research into the dynamics of detoxification have resulted in the production of organ stimulating supplements that are highly effective in ridding the body of wastes and setting the stage for optimal nutrition.

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