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If I have started the day with a case of the swears, I then sit down and take five minutes for the inner smile meditation. This Daoist meditation technique is amazingly effective at shifting a sourpuss mood.

Take a moment, seated or lying down, and breathe deeply. Then move your fingers to the corners of your mouth. Lift the corners of your mouth ever so slightly. Release the fingers and try to keep that half smile, without your fingers. Feel how that very slight variation can begin to shift your inner state.

After a few moments, take that same inner smile to the center of your heart. Imagine the same lift, the same half smile happening within. Breathe deeply. Finally, take the same half smile and bring it to the center of your brain. Feel your mind itself smile. Imagine the corners of your mind turning upward. Don‚ „t rush yourself. Even just five minutes of this meditation can make me into a more tolerable morning person. Perhaps it can do the same for you.

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