Reshape Your Eating Habits

I have laid it our pretty clearly in the second chapter. Now you need the motivation to do it. You have a serious degenerative disease. This means that, at some level, your body has a toxic overload. Start to clean up your act. While I emphasized what to add, (you will be quite busy eating daily servings of greens among your five servings of organic produce) you may need to concentrate on giving some things up. Eliminate the following foods from your diet as rapidly as possible. They are at best empty calories and at worst absolutely harmful to the health of your eyes – and the rest of you.

Coffee Margarine

Hydrogenated fat products Desserts Processed foods Fa st foods Soft drinks

Select your form of exercise and get going. Reread the section on rebounding on a trampoline. This is so easy, convenient, economical, and fun. Its health benefits are enormous. You may be a person who likes a gym environment. Join one and figure out how and when you are going to get there. Walking is easy. Race walking is even more beneficial for the time involved. Make exercise a new and positive addiction to take the place of some of the negative ones listed above.

Begin to relax on a daily basis. Yoga combines exercise and relaxation. In the beginning, you may need to think about efficiencies like this so that you touch base on all these points in the first 30 days. Whenever you balk at all these changes, consider the alternative. Consider helplessly watching your sight deteriorate over the next few years until you cannot see the faces of loved ones, go anywhere alone, and become a burden to your family. The prospect of such a limited life should be motivation!

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The second month With the basics of diet, exercise, and relaxation in place, you are now ready to design your focused eye health program. The focus is on your eyes of course, Give These Up! and the program has four parts.

Part One means beginning a daily routine of eye relaxation and exercise. As your overall health and circulation improves through the changes you made in the first month, it is time to take some of the nourishment directly to your eyes. Palming can become a part of your relaxation program with virtually no effort at all. The other techniques are easy to do and do not require much time. The challenge is to remember to do them. But, you are becoming an expert at change already.

Part two requires you to add the lutein and zeaxanthin containing foods we talked about in the sixth chapter. With a great new diet under your belt, adding these daily is like frosting on the cake. Remember cake? Find your favorites among the greens and work them into each days food intake. Even if you eat nothing else, eat your greens.

Clear some counter space for your Pure Focus TM and the vitamin/mineral supplements Ive outlined for you. Look around for the most effective and efficient way to take them. The fewer pills and capsules the better.

Be certain that the wonderful eye herbs – bilberry, ginkgo, and eyebright are among your supplements. In some cases you can find these as ingredients in high quality eye formulas. If not, then you will need to buy and take them separately.

The third month

Now it is time to choose a first technique to try and heal your vision. You are stronger and healthier now from the good diet and exercise. You are more relaxed too. Perhaps a direction has come to you during one of your relaxation sessions. The body knows what is good for it. As you detoxify and build up through better nutrition, you will find yourself able to make better choices in all areas of your life. It is time to choose to begin chelation therapy, homeopathy, or Microcurrent Stimulation. You do not need to limit yourself to one of these, but you will probably want to begin with one.

Chelation is a good choice if you have heart or circulatory problems in addition to your ARMD. This is another one of those overall health enhancing choices. Unfortunately you may not be able to find a doctor in your area who does chelation. Chelation does require a considerable outlay of time and money since many sessions are required. However, if it helps you avoid an invasive surgical procedure for your heart disease it is priceless.

Homeopathy is an excellent choice if you feel that negative mental/emotional states are part of your overall approach to life. It will also be able to help with chronic conditions, tendencies and weaknesses you have had since birth, hormonal problems, and energy and sleep difficulties. Of course, homeopathy can be combined with chelation and Microcurrent Stimulation. If there is no homeopath in your area, you might be able to find one who will work on a telephone consultation basis, after one visit, or in place of a visit. The important thing is to pursue this if it resonates with you.

Microcurrent Stimulation is something I recommend for all patients with ARMD. After the initial payment for the equipment, there are no additional fees. It is something that you can do at home, on your own schedule, and forever if you choose. You can order your unit while you are looking for a source for chelation and/or homeopathy.

I also suggest you consider the Healing the Eye and Wellness three-day program. You will experience three full days of intensive, one-on-one care under my direction. We will determine the right combination of Microcurrent, nutrition and homeopathy to begin your visual recovery. We will also provide thorough instructions for using your Microcurrent machine at home for continued selfcare. Please call our office for more information regarding this program at 800430-9328.

I have just told you how to revolutionize your life and overcome a lifetime of bad habits in three months. I hope you believe in yourself enough to do this. I hope you have whatever support you need to assume responsibility for reversing your ARMD. I have tried to give you the tools and the encouragement that you will not find anywhere else. Please take these gifts and use them to heal yourself in mind, body, and spirit.

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