RICE BROWN Will Help You Lose Weight

Wholegrain brown rice is full of remarkable benefits and the alkaline balance it provides after digestion is a real bonus for health. Nearly all foods, except almonds, fruits, vegetables, soy and millet, are classed as acid-forming foods. The ideal diet needs 75% alkaline-forming foods. Brown rice is a miracle worker in health-restoring benefits due to this one factor alone. Use a rice cooker or steamer to gain a soft texture it only takes 15 minutes longer to cook than most white rice.

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Brown rice provides complete protein (8g), and compared to all grains, it has the best percentage of available protein (70% n.p.u.). When such foods as cheese or milk are added, the protein value increases another 30%, and with legumes the increase is 40%. One bowl with 200g of cooked brown rice with a serve of kidney beans topped with cheese will provide over half the adult daily protein requirements, plus at one quarter the price of beef. Brown rice provides 140% more fibre than white rice and nearly 3 times the iron content (1.5mg). The manganese content (3.7mg) of brown rice will provide over 50% of the daily requirement (2-5mg). It is essential for the nerves, hormone production and as a component of an antioxidant enzyme termed superoxide dismutase; required to protect against free radicals that are produced during the production of energy from cells. Brown rice is a good source of selenium (23mcg), which has an RDI of 70-85mcg and is required for protection from heart disease and free radicals.

The phosphorus content (333mg or 33% d.v.) is beneficial for blood circulation, the nervous system, brain and skin system. But processing destroys over half the value of this vital mineral. The magnesium content (143mg or 36% d.v.) is over 4 times that of white rice; no wonder stress is booming, as magnesium is essential for relaxed nerves, plus alcohol depletes magnesium.

Brown rice is one of the easiest foods to digest (in 2 hours). It actually takes less time to digest than white rice (2 hours 30 minutes). If you are looking for a power-packed powder, try a sprinkle of rice bran on your white rice dish, or in the sauce or gravy and retrieve the abundance of missing nutrients. Rice bran provides nearly 8 times the B vitamin content of brown rice and 40 times that of white rice. Rice bran is potent in phosphorus (1386 mg), iron (19mg), silicon (885mg) and potassium (1495mg) now thats nutrition. Rice bran needs to be kept in the fridge to maintain its benefits. Try a sprinkle in sauces, breads, cookies, pancakes or on the basic breakfast cereal, and whenever you have the nice white rice, a dash of rice bran can provide a great balance to all that soft white starch.

Another rice, called wild rice (Zizania aquatica), is more expensive but prized in the best restaurants and home kitchen. The protein (14g) is double that of brown rice but with a similar carbohydrate value (75g). Most nutrients are present in approx.20% greater value except for calcium

(19mg). Its a good source of iron (4.2mg) with a similar calorie value (353).

Its good to note that all rices are gluten free, ideal for those with coeliac disease, yeast infections and wheat intolerances. Ideally, let brown rice replace numerous other wheat or meat meals to gain alkaline body and blood balance. If you have to take away, its better to have rice than a hamburger. The price of brown rice is another major benefit. Yes, brown rice is all right tonight!

NOTE: d.v. refers to the daily value for women 25-50 years, refer to RDI chart for adult male and child values.

GLYCEMIC C. P. L. CALORIES – total: 335 kcal. per 100 grams

INDEX: 76 81 13 6 Calories from: Carb: 269 Protein: 45 Fat: 21

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