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Adopt Your Leaner New You Summarised Delicious Daily Guide – right now!

We combine TWO Habits here because there are many items to consider making a habit – or – not making a habit! – ENJOY AND/OR LIMIT

Your Personal Guide to a leaner New You is full of the latest research on how your body really works. We've armed and prepared you with the science, the knowledge and the facts about intelligent, effective weight control and now we want to expand your knowledge further by sharing a great list of things that you can eat and enjoy plus a list of the unhelpful things that you really cannot afford to have in your diet if you plan to control your weight and discover the real meaning of total health. You're going to be a great detective and find all the clues to what you're really eating by reading the labels on your food.

Sugar, my little sweetie, is always off the menu. Just because the amount listed is very small, it's still sugar and you have to look for every form of sweetener, real or artificial, because if it's on the label it just isn't going into your mouth.

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Sugar is out. Gone. Adios, amigo. Forever.

Almond Flour. “Can you make flour from almonds? ” Yes you can and you can even eat it. People are discovering the benefits of coconut flour too because these flours do not come from grains. That makes them much safer alternatives to the traditional flour that contains inflammatory-provoking glutens. It's even possible to make almond milk too but the commercially produced variety usually contains sweeteners so gets disqualified before you even open the carton. If in doubt, it's better to make your own almond milk and that way you can absolutely control the purity of the ingredients. The controversial use of almond flour is to use it as a substitute for baking bread, biscuits or anything else where we would previously have used regular flour. In cleansing the body, it might not be appropriate to use almond or coconut flour for baking. Sorry.

Bacon is incredibly popular because it tastes so good. One of the reasons for that great flavour is that the meat processors often add sugar as a preservative and flavour enhancer. Sourcing hormone- free and antibiotic-free meat is a real challenge so bacon is definitely off the menu.

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