Rihanna’s Makeup and Skin Care Favorites

Philips Lumea Prestige, £575, boots.com. Why suffer the pain of waxing and threading when this nifty device, which uses intense pulsed light, will zap unwanted fuzz (face, legs, bikini and underarms) with very little faff? One fortnightly treatment is recommended for eight weeks. 2 Foreo Espada, £129, foreo.com/espada. Expecto Patronum! This magic wand works like a charm to tackle spots with bacteria-banishing blue LED light. 3 Lumity, from £76.50, lumitylife.co.uk.

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Loaded with antioxidants, omegas and amino acids, these pills are claimed to help to clear the body of toxins, increase collagen supplies and aid healthier sleep patterns, as well as nourish skin, hair and nails. 4 SwissClinic Skin Renewal, £99, swissclinic.co.uk. Wielding 540 micro-needles over your face may make you wince, but this treatment creates micro channels in your skin to trigger the healing process and boost collagen stores, also helping the serum (included) absorb faster for juicier-looking skin.

The RADIANCE boosters 5 Newa Facial Skin Contouring And Tightening System, £349, newabeauty.co.uk. Ironing out pesky wrinkles and frown lines with radio frequency energy, this little gem of a gadget helps rebuild collagen and even firms up the jawline. The best bit? No downtime and no long queues in the clinic’s waiting room required. 6 Prai Ageless Throat Ionic Device, £79.99, praibeauty.co.uk.

Firming up and smoothing out creases and crinkles with an ionic current, this works wonders at turning a turkey neck into a more swan-like silhouette. 7 Esthechoc, £42.60, beautyisskindeep.com. Newsflash! Scientists have created a chocolate infused with anti-inflammatory ingredients and a cocoa extract said to boost blood flow, nourishing.

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