Rockefeller Foundation Experiments

That faulty nutrition plays a major role in the production of many of our diseases has been demonstrated by some of our most outstanding investigators. Dr. Victor G. Heiser of the Rockefeller Foundation, in a talk before the American Association for the Advancement of Science, pointed out that large-scale animal feeding experiments in India, in which the diets eaten by various sections of Indias millions of people were fed to large colonies of animals, reproduced at the will of the research workers the same state of health and well-being and the same types of disease observed in the human population.

Among the parts of the body which developed various types of serious diseases in the animals fed the faulty diet were the chest, ear, nose, upper respiratory passages, the eye, gastrointestinal and urinary tract. The skin, blood, lymph and glands, nerves, heart and teeth.

The diseases included stomach ulcers and two cases of cancer of the stomach, sinusitis, adenoids, inflammations of the eye, infections of the middle ear, pneumonia and bronchiectasis, loss of hair, skin diseases, pernicious anemia, seven types of diseases of the kidney and bladder including several types of kidney stones, goiter, enlarged adrenal glands, polyneuritis, various types of heart disease, and even mal-occlusion of the teeth and a large percentage of tooth decay.

On the other hand, the animals getting the diet eaten by some of the people of northern India developed no illness of any kind for two and a half years, corresponding to forty to fifty years in the life of man. Furthermore, none died during that period from natural causes . .. and there was no infant mortality.12

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