Romantic Things To Do While Kissing

1. First thing you need to do is not feel silly! Think of 2. Move towards hand slowly. Grab small pinch of your hand as someone you want to kiss. Think about skin between lips. how you would feel if you were just about to kiss them. Tip: By kissing the back of your hand, you can feel your lips on your skin, and you can learn how much Tip: Practicing on the back of the hand is probably pressure to apply. best.

3. Hold for a couple of seconds, then slowly release 4. Continue on using the steps from first kiss sec-from your mouth. tion.

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5. You may want to close your eyes and experiment 6. Practice the steps for French kissing as well. It is a little. obviously hard to get exactly the same practice with your tongue, but you will get the idea. Tip: Once your eyes are closed, you will be amazed by how kissing will come naturally. Go with what you Tip: Good practice to get the flow between going feel. from the kiss to the French kiss.

7. Practicing on a pillow is good as well, to practice When you do practice, make sure there is a lock on pulling someone closer into you. the door and you won’t be disturbed. Nothing will lower your confidence more than being hassled or Tip: The pillow may be a little dry, so you may not interrupted. want to kiss with open mouth!

Tip: Don’t be embarrassed! Everyone has done it at some stage. You are not alone.

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