Running Tips For Weight Loss

Running Tips For Weight Loss

Chlorine is involved in regulating the blood acid-alkaline levels. It also stimulates the functions of the liver and is vital for cleansing the blood and the reduction of fatty deposits.

Iron is required to eliminate toxic waste from the bloodstream, thereby protecting the lymphatic system from impurities and inflammation.

Sulphur provides a cleansing and antiseptic effect on the digestive system and the lymphatic glands of the small intestines (mesenteric glands).

Phosphorus is found in every cell and is required for the transfer of nutrients through cell walls. Lecithin is a phosphorus compound and is used for the conversion and movement of fats throughout the lymphatic system.

Vitamin E reduces oxidation of fats thereby protecting the lymphatic system from toxins.

Vitamin F, in particular linoleic acid, is required for cholesterol control and protection from high blood pressure.

Biotin andB complex are required for fat metabolism.

Choline is vital for the control of cholesterol and fats.


The lymphatic system is best described as the bodys processing, protection and filtration system, as the lymphatic glands process fats, expel worn-out blood corpuscles and protect against bacterial invasion.

SPLEEN The spleen is the largest organ of the bodys lymphatic system. It is termed not essential to life; however it functions to eliminate old red blood corpuscles and blood platelets.

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It stores iron from the worn-out cells and produces bilirubin, required as part of bile, to break down fats. The spleen also participates in producing antibodies and to fight infections; it also produces some of the blood lymphocytes.

MESENTERIC The lymphatic glands of the small intestine are termed mesenteric glands. They are vital for absorption of fats from the diet which are then conveyed by the lymphatic system (the secondary circulatorysystem) via the thyroic duct to the liver which removes the hydrogen from fats and then returns the unsaturated fats to the fat stores of the body. When the lymph glands become clogged, illness results.

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