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Even more worrying, Carrol thinks her famous cousin may not be 100 per cent sure about his relationship, either. âœRyan’s also not yet married to Eva,❠she points out. âœThere’s a reason.❠Hmm… Could it be because Rachel’s still The One? âœI think she is better for him than Eva,❠Carrol admits. âœMy parents met Rachel. They have a picture of her on their wall. All the family has that same pic on their walls, even now.❠Kevin’s well and truly on Team Rachel, too. âœWe’re going to see her new movie Spotlight because we still like her,❠he says. âœShe’s a great actress.❠S he vowed to cut him out of her life forever – declaring, âœIf I ever see him, I will spit in his face!❠– after he spoke to the press in 2012 about her troubled love life. Now, after learning that her estranged father Mark Evans is battling cancer, Adele has reached out to build bridges.
Adele’s plumber dad Mark walked out on their family when she was young, and the pair fell out when he blabbed about their rocky relationship and his split from her mum Penny. But Adele’s in a forgiving mood now that she’s loved-up with financier-turned-philanthropist boyfriend Simon Konecki, a proud mum to their three-year-old son Angelo, and basking in the success of her hird smash-hit album 25. Indeed, when she discovered the former alcoholic was battling bowel cancer, she knew she couldn’t keep holding a grudge. âœHe reached out, begging for forgiveness,❠reveals a friend, who hinted that the singer’s new tune River Lea is about her and her pa. âœThey’ve both taken steps to repair their relationship.❠As you’d expect, Mark couldn’t be happier. âœAdele and I are fine,❠he insists. âœIt was a misunderstanding. We’ve patched things up, everything’s fine.â

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