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âœThe last time we saw him was when he was here with Rachel McAdams. We really liked her,❠he says of their Christmas catch-up in 2006. âœIt sure seemed like she was the one for him.❠And even though she’s a big Hollywood star, fun-loving Rachel, 37 – who dated Ryan between 2004 and 2007, then briefly again in 2008 – wasn’t above putting away beers and having a chinwag with her beau’s reloes, Kev reveals.
âœShe was very down-to-earth. We got to spend an evening with her, three or four hours,❠he says. âœWe sat drinking beers with her until two in the morning, laughing all the time. It was amazing how comfortable we were just sitting around the kitchen table.❠But despite the fact that Ryan, 35, and girlfriend Eva, 41, have been together since 2011, Kevin says he hasn’t even met her. âœI never got to meet Eva because when she came in 2012, she spent 90 minutes or so at my brother Billy’s place nearby,❠he says. âœThey were coming from somewhere, going to someplace. It really was a flying visit. They were soon off and gone. It was before they had the baby, of course.â

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