Ryan Seacrest A VIEW TO A THRILL

If you want a better spot than even Ryan Seacrest has to watch the famous LED ball drop in New York City’s Times Square this New Year’s Eve, head to the Novotel New York. The high-rise hotel’s Supernova Ball Drop venue offers direct views of the action, six hours of open bar service and snacks, a DJ and live music, a dance floor and a heated 5,700-square-foot terrace.

For tickets and more info, visit supernovaballdrop.com.

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Slowly the other women opened up about their pregnancies, and I realized no one has a normal pregnancy. Everyone has challenges. That’s the nature of pregnancy. Many of the women in the room were also living far away from family. After week three of our prenatal class, some of the ladies who were off work or on limited work schedules (some due to their own pregnancy complications), decided to come for lunch at my house to keep me company. It was at this lunch, that I opened up about my struggles with bed rest, and increasing amount of appointments (even though I was supposed to be resting). After hearing about my challenges the moms created the chart I previously mentioned to drive me to my appointments. They were very happy to help in any way possible. We also decided to have weekly potluck lunches at my house until my planned c-section date. As we all moved along in our pregnancies, the number of moms attending our lunches also grew in size, with eventually eight of the nine moms in our class coming to the weekly get-togethers.

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