Sarah Harding Dark Hair

Human Hair Alternatives.

Human Hair can be purchased in bulk with various alternative end types. The wet ‘n'wavy types provide the best versatile look and they are also the easiest to braid. The super straight human hair bulk packets requires a tighter looping technique (that at times can be quite frustrating) because this hair unravels fast, if not locked into place.

With the wet n' wavy human hair you can apply a sprits of water and allow ends to curl up.

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When you want a straight look just whip out the curling or flat iron and straighten waves. Wet sets also work well with this type of hair. Just apply a small amount of setting lotion to the ends, roll and sit under a hair dryer for 20-30 minutes. Towel dry and unbraid hair should appear with a slight wave.

What's the use of having a beautiful hair style and not having the tools to upkeep and maintain it? Here is a Braid Girl rule to live by with upkeep and maintenance:

Be good to your hair and your hair will be good to you!!!.

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