Scarlett Johansson Weight Loss & Workout Plan

What you do at the gym is difficult. It’s also not natural. Think about it: all that cycling to nowhere on a stationary bike while a woman in tiny Lycra pants with a stomach like a bag of onions shouts at you. Think of all those leg presses and tricep dips you try to do while maintaining the bare minimum of human dignity.

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It’s tough on the gym floor – which is why not just any old playlist is going to cut it. What you need is a playlist that corresponds with what your brain (and body) needs for maximum motivation. Thankfully, someone has spent the past 25 years researching this First World dilemma. His name is Costas Karageorghis, he’s a sports psychologist at Brunel University, and he’s basically analysed every chart hit of our time to find the ultimate fitness songs. These are his favourites. Get ready to smash your PB!

You can slow down a bit when it comes to the BPM, and choose something with feel-good lyrics.

You just kind of have to keep crunching. After all, you wouldn’t want to let JT down. Our only worry is that, when it comes to the plank, there is a way to stop the feeling … and that’s by stopping planking.

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