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Always use a good-quality brush to style your hair but do not over-brush it, as with every stroke you will damage your hair more and create more split ends.

Maybe you‚ „ve wondered why some people become involved with a partner who is married. These people may unconsciously prefer that kind of situation because the detachment helps to ease their fear of being smothered or losing themselves to a relationship. Some women are attracted to married men because of the safety of never really having anything to lose.

This kind of thinking can grow out of experiences and beliefs from your childhood or from a failure to properly heal from the loss of a past relationship. The fear of losing another person you love or even losing yourself will lead you to settle for an unavailable relationship.

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You are settling, because deep down inside you are trying to protect yourself. You are protecting yourself from intimacy. You are afraid to unveil your truth, and this part of your relationship has nothing to do with your partner.

The answer to this is in truly learning to love and forgive yourself. That‚ „s where you‚ „ll find healing. That‚ „s where you can begin to have healthy relationships. It starts with you, with understanding that you are enough. Your weaknesses, your flaws, your mistakes and your failures do not define you. You can learn to accept them, forgive yourself and grow in love with yourself and others. If you commit yourself to completing the necessary work of selfacceptance and self-love, you can heal, walk in boldness and confidently love freely again.

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