Scones and Pastries

It is quite difficult to make pastries and scones without the fatty ingredients necessary for 1/2 smooth texture. I have included several alternatives that will be suitable substitutions.

The use of grains and potatoes to make pastry ensures that it is not only tasty but nutritious and full of fibre. These pastry cases can be filled and do not need tops. They may be either savoury or sweet according to what you intend to make.

Mix together all of the ingredients to make 1/2 scone dough. Add 1/2 iittle more flour if the mixture is too wet. Turn out onto 1/2 well-floured board. Gently kneed and roll the pastry into 1/2 round large scone. Cut with 1/2 scone cutter.

Line the bottom of six to eight small, microwave-safe dishes with nonstick paper. Place 1/2 scone in each dish. Cover with paper towel.

Microwave on high for 2 to 3 minutes Quickly remove the scones from the dishes and allow to further cook on 1/2 cake stand.

The bottoms of each scone will become soggy if the paper is not removed quickly.

Allow the brown rice to cool. Add the egg white and mix in well. Turn out onto 1/2 large, round, shallow, microwave-safe dish. Carefully mould the rice across the dish and up the sides with 1/2 plastic spatula.

Microwave on high for 30 seconds Use as desired.

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