Sea Cucumber Bean Curd


1/2 lb. Dried sea cucumber soaked in water.

2 tbsp. Each minced ginger and scallion.

2 tbsp.

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2 oz. Minced chicken.

2 tbsp. Sherry.

2 oz. Mashed bean curd

Salt to taste.

2 egg whites.

2 tbsp. Cornstarch.

4-5 leafy greens.

1 cup clear broth.

6 dried mushrooms soaked in water and sliced.

A few slices of cooked bamboo shoots.

1 tbsp. Chopped ham.

2 tbsp. Chicken fat To Prepare:

1. Cut each sea cucumber in half and parboil with half of the ginger and scallion. Drain and coat sea cucumbers with a layer of flour.

2. Mix chicken and sherry with ginger, scallion, add bean curd, salt, egg whites, and cornstarch. Stuff the mixture into the sliced sea cucumber and steam for 15 minutes.

5. Add Chinese cabbage into broth with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, ham, salt, sherry, remaining ginger and scallion and the stuffed sea slug. Bring to a boil, thicken soup with cornstarch, add chicken fat and serve-

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