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True to form, just days after Sel and Justin’s hot date in Beverly Hills on November 20, Kendall was blowing up Justin’s phone wanting to hang.

âœHe doesn’t discourage her, which is part of the problem, but Kendall’s the initiator in all this,❠says the insider, adding that Kenny turned up at Justin’s Jingle Bell Ball gig in London recently, knowing Sel wouldn’t be there.

âœIt was done to mess with Selena’s head. Sure enough, she hit the roof and went off at Kendall asking her why she’s doing this to her again.â

Even fans have noticed that Kenny, 20, seems to be making a desperate play for Biebs.

âœShe is trying to make it happen with Justin Bieber,❠noted one canny online commenter.

But two can play at that game, which is why Selena wasted no time running into the arms of long-time admirer Niall Horan, 22.

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