Our quest with this ritual is to harness our thought process until it becomes second nature. We also aim to create space and illuminate the answers, new ideas, and concepts present inside of us that are being muddled and weighed down by the incessant chatter of a distracted, anxious, and stressed-out mind. The dialogue well create through this ritual should be a stimulating, energizing sort of spiritual warfare. The purpose is to deepen, strengthen, and bring light to the thoughts floating in our mind. It is to understand which thoughts to just let go of and which thoughts to build upon. This is the art of virtuous thinking and clarity of mind.


This ritual is inspired by the famous ancient Greek symposiums and, specifically, Platos philosophical text Symposium, wherein philosophers at a dinner party have a discourse about the concept of love, its nature, and its purpose. In the course of this conversation, ancient prophetess Diotima explains that she considers the greatest form of love between two people to be chiefly educational and philosophical in nature. And so it is with the self. We have the opportunity to elevate the conversations we have with ourself, wherein our inner dialogue becomes generative, creative, fluid, self-possessed, and positive.

We can take the sage advice of Eleanor Roosevelt and apply it to our conversations with ourself as well. As she put it, Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. We are what we think, so why not form habits around productive thinking processes and practice the virtue of

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