Sex for Contraception

Sex for Contraception

During the first few weeks after the birth, your perineum will be tender, especially if you have had stitches. There will inevitably be some bruising. You can resume sexual intercourse as soon after birth as you like but it is advisable to use a lubricant like K-Y jelly as the normal secretions take some time to flow properly again. If intercourse is resumed before the lochia flow has stopped it is advisable for the man to use a condom (sheath) as there is a slight danger of infection. It is not uncommon for the woman’s libido to be lowered after the birth due to tiredness, hormonal fluctuations and stress. Patience and consideration will go a long way towards preventing a build-up of tension and resentment between the partners.

The nursing mother’s breasts may be tender and uncomfortable, especially in the beginning, but thoughtfulness and a sense of humour should overcome any frustration.

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