Sexual Power And Potency For Men

The sexual energies depend to a very large extent upon the general physical and mental health. If the vital energies are at a high pitch, if the muscular system is well'developed and the nervous system sound, they should be present in a high degree. This is ensured by an abundance of physical exercise, especially those which strengthen the muscles about the waist-line and the groins. Many men possessing big arm and leg muscles, or powerful backs, do not have a proportional amount of sex-power.

The blood has been drawn to other parts of the body, and the essential organs neglected.

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Special exercises will serve to strengthen these parts.

One of the best of these is to sit in a chair and then forcibly draw in the muscles around the rectum, allowing them to relax, then drawing them in again, and so on about twenty-five times. This exercise might be followed by a cold sitz or sponge bath, to tone-up the.


Many thin, nervous men seem to possess great sexual ener' gy; but if they indulge too freely, they are only drawing upon their reserves. It is the robust, vital man whose energies are strong. The young man should build up his health and strength if he wishes to improve and retain his potency and his sexual energies.

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