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It's almost time for him to go, but he seems unfazed by time; details (except Skype passwords) matter most. ?What do you think about this look? He asks, pointing to a little white ribbon sewn onto the lower left side of his jacket. ?Should I take it off or leave it? He asks, dressed in an all-black ensemble, accessorised with a black-and-white bangle. ?I added the bracelet because of the white ribbon, but I feel it's unnecessary.

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And off he cuts the white ribbon with mini scissors.

It's creative madness rolling out right in front of me; Hunter's energy balances between genius and impulsivity, where things just happen. ?Everything sort of happened by chance… I was working as a window dresser in Houston, Texas, for a store called Buiyahkah when I met Ms. Tina, Beyonce's mum; this was in 1995, ' he says, while trying to decide on which shoes to wear. ?We became.

Known for styling head-turning looks for Beyonce, fashion director, stylist and designer, Ty Hunter reflects on working with the music and style icon, and launching his shirt line words dimeji alara very good friends, and stayed in touch.

I would call her each time we unpacked new clothes that I thought would work for Destiny's Child. One day she came into the boutique and said, I'm going to get you out of this store‚, but I didn't really believe her.

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