Shock for child

Shock for child

Shock can result from any injury, loss of blood, severe pain or fright.

The child will be very pale, with a clammy skin.

She will sweat and may feel faint or giddy.

Breathing is rapid and shallow and the pulse is quick and weak.

She is likely to be confused and may become unconscious.

Immediate treatment is vital. Get her to a hospital as soon as possible.

1. Keep her warm but do not pile on blankets.

2. Do not give anything to drink, merely moisten her lips if she complains of thirst.

Do not give alcohol.

3. Let her lie down and lift her legs higher than her body unless there could be spinal or head and chest injuries.

4. If she is likely to vomit or becomes unconscious, lie her on her side in the recovery position (see sketch p. 269).

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