Short bob hairstyles

I loved my relaxed hair, but hated the sore process. Also, I had so much flaky dandruff, which I later learnt was a result of unwashed chemicals. The thought of going natural never crossed my mind – in those days, the look wasn’t as modern as it is now. So out of the blue, I decided to grow dreadlocks, a style my mom didn’t approve of. She dismissed it as unladylike. I wore the dreads anyways and for once, my hair grew naturally without the help of chemicals. After a few years of proudly donning the locks, I cut them off and went back to relaxers. But this time, I was clued up and had a proper haircare regime. And I found products specifically formulated for sensitive scalps like mine. Looking back, I really can’t recall every single hairstyle I’ve had through the years, especially because I have something new every week, and I spot different styles in the office too. As we put this issue together, I’m reminded of the many styles that I’m yet to try.

There’s no shortage of trends to choose from as inspired by industry leaders and celebs. This summer, hair has never looked this good. Find your style and go for it! Take inspiration from starlets like Kelly Rowland and Kelis for a curly mane. If you don’t have a curly wig or weave, now’s the time to get your hands on one. It’s the perfect go-to style for bad hair days, or ifyou want to give your locks a break. Invest in a good scalp treatment to keep hair moisturised and prevent dandruff and dry flakes. Brazilian Remy Natural Curl Rl200 The tool kit 1. Invest in a conditioning hair spray; this gives the curls sheen and reduces frizz. Short bob hairstyles 2. Do not comb the curls. Once they’ve separated, if s difficult to restore their perfect ringlets. Rather use your fingers to loosen them. 3. Afterwashingthehairpiece, airdryitinsteadofusingablowdryer. 4. Do notuse oils on the wig as they’ll make the fibres heavy and cause the curls to drop. 5. Keep the wig neat by trimming the ends regularly.

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