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Bowl of Hot Water

Adding a couple of drops of an essential oil to a bowl of hot water is a pleasant way to give fragrance to a room or ofTice.Try to use an attractive bowl and make sure that it is placed well out of reach of any children. Use an oil that is a big favourite, as it will release its scent for some time when used in this way. For mornings, Bergamot, Mandarin or Lemon would be uplifting. Later in the day you may wish to use Rose or Jasmine.

A wonderfully fragrant bowl of potpourri.

Other Scented Products

Essential oils are quite often included in a wide variety of excellent gift items. Short cool haircuts for girls They range from candles to incense sticks and cones. It is quite important, though, that you check the natural essential oil that is being used to scent these products. You may well find that they actually repeat scents that you are already using, which can produce an excessively strong aroma.

Therapeutic recipes therapeutic recipes

One of the great delights of taking up the ancient art of aromatherapy is discovering the many exciting ways in which oils can be blended to create a wide range of enhanced therapeutic effects, with new fragrances to soothe the senses at the same time.

On the following pages you will find scores of all kinds of ideas for using different combinations of oils; they have been specially selected for their healing properties, and also because they provide an array of exquisite aromas. However, since the sense of smell is very individual and highly subjective, do not feel that you have to like certain aromas. Above all, do not feel that the not-so-good has to be enjoyed. It does not. If you find that you dislike a particular combination then feel free to make your own blends, bearing in .mind the actions of the oils and the dilution rates that were described earlier.

The key to success is quite simple. Always try to ensure that you buy good quality essential oils, with a pure scent

that comes from the natural, unadulterated extract. There are no rules about what you should like.The best way to proceed is by trusting your nose. If something has what might be called the ooh-ah factor an aroma that is totally arresting rather than subtle almost to the point of not being present, but without being fiercely competitive and dominating your senses, then feel free to enjoy it. For each of the blends suggested in this section, the number of drops of oils given should be diluted for massage purposes in 20ml/4 tsp of a base vegetable oil such as sweet Almond oil. When creating a steam inhalation, use the number of drops given in a large bowl holding about I litre/154 pints/4 cups hot water and for a compress add the specified number of oil drops to a bowl holding 250ml/8fl oz/l cup hot water Also remember that when creating a mix about which you are slightly unsure, make a tiny dose to check that it is what you want. It is prudent to proceed by caution. stress soothers Sadly, stress is now playing far too large a part in all our lives, and while we cannot always avoid the causes, we can at least dispel its effects on us. All you need to do is set aside just a few minutes at the end of the day when you can be quiet and relax. Then, using a variety of soothing, relaxing therapeutic measures, such as a marvellous, long, slow rhythmic massage, you will end up feeling totally invigorated and refreshed.

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