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Most country music guitarists I know won’t go to the studio or a live gig without a good delay pedal and this is the one for them. Where most pedals only allow you one delay effect at a time, this box lets you have three different delays going at the same time. It has 16 delay varieties built in, it is TonePrint enabled and the controls allow you to adjust Time, Repeats, Subdivision and tap tempo. Plus with the mini toggle switch you can designate the type of delay to one of the three floor buttons of your choice. Short curly haircuts for african american women And it has a nice Triple Crown artwork screen on the top so you’ll feel like king of the delays.

Reverb pedal: I like a smooth reverb especially for solos and this pedal is oozing with them. In a standard size pedal, with a cool space kind of paint job, it packs ten different reverb choices. The adjustment knobs allow you to control Mix, Decay, Tone, Reverb selection and it is TonePrint enabled also. The T2 is basically the next evolution of their Trinity Reverb pedal.

The soft button controls are simple to operate and you shouldn’t need the manual until you start saving and building your own effects portion of the pedal provides harmonies, reverb, delay, doubling, modulation and distortion options while you sing. On the guitar effects side TC-Helicon has included BodyRez a function allowing you to choose from different filters to make your acoustic guitar sound more like it does when it’s unplugged! It also includes top selling TC Electronic features from the TonePrint pedal line Hall of Fame Reverb, and Corona Chorus. Standard included items with the pedal are a power supply and a USB cable so that you can down load free apps, firmware updates and VoiceSupport via your computer. Like other pedals, mentioned above in the TC family of effects, it also has a built in vocalguitar looper called VLOOP so that you can loop entire portions of your

Play Electric fulfills its name as the pedal is aimed at electric guitar players so it is loaded with more guitar effects to better suit that genre of musician.

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