Short cuts for thin fine hair

‹“You’re made to think that as a woman you are supposed to be good at having a baby, and we’re all good at pretending we’re OK. Short cuts for thin fine hair You see all these mums who look like they know what they’re doing and they’re probably all feeling like you are. I had no idea what I was doing before Albert came. You just have to learn quickly, because they need you.’ ‹“My only piece of advice to new mums is don’t take advice! No one knows your baby better than you. Some of the forums on the internet are a bit crazy. It’s bad enough when your closest family give you advice, never mind a total stranger! I think it’s a great idea to make a Facebook group of friends with new babies too, so you can leave a message and have a chat when you’re struggling. And joining local mother and baby groups like NCT’s Bumps and Babies can also help you meet other mums. There will be people there to talk to, and if things are getting difficult for you, don’t be afraid to share it.’ ‹“Albert’s very sociable and that’s down to me going to mums and baby groups with him from an early age. Short cuts for thin fine hair He’s used to being around people. When he was born, we had so many presents from customers at our restaurant Annies, which was lovely.’ ‹“When you don’t have a baby, people are always asking when you will. Short cuts for thin fine hair So I thought maybe once I’d had a baby, they’d leave me alone, and now they’re asking if I’ll have another one! Albert’s a really good baby, so I don’t know if we’d be so lucky a second time! We’re very happy, everything is working well and life feels good.’

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