Short Hair Care Routine

Just a quick disclaimer before we get started yes, I am in my shower yes, I may or may not shower without my clothes no this post is not about how, I take my showers and yes it is about how, I maintain my beautiful platinum blonde hair in between my cell and visits let’s get started starting with the most used shampoo this is the pure ology perfect for platinum line and, I love this one this is one of my top favorites. Because it is vegan which means a super gentle on my chemically treated hair and it just works it has beautiful ingredients that are natural and that are good for your hair and also it has lemon extract which eventually means it will gradually lighten your hair even. If you don’t use a toning shampoo just like my shampoo, I love using this conditioner by the same perfect for platinum line. Because it is gentle it moisturizes and it gets the job done very very well, I make sure to just put the conditioner on my ends only in a wait about a minute or.

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So and then rinse it out in my opinion to keep your beautiful platinum blonde hair maintained in between your salon visits tawny shampoos are a must. Because it has that beautiful a deep rich purple it counteracts with that brassy yellow tones in your hair resulting with the beautiful platinum blonde make sure you don’t leave it in for too long. Because it will turn your hair a purple tinge, I leave it in for a couple of minutes and then, I rinse immediately following with the same conditioner by the same sterling silver line it also has that beautiful purple tint that will help keep maintain your beautiful platinum blonde hair, I only use these toning products probably once a week maybe every other week only when, I feel like my hair is feeling dull and brassy and that’s the only time, I use it if, I had to swear by a hair treatment this is the one that, I would pick the olaplex number 3 this is not a conditioner this is a reparative product that helps rebuild broken hair and reconnects the broken hair strands and is just wonderful, I use it once a week in between my hair salon appointments.

I get a generous amount and, I put it on wet hair that is not cleaned just kind of towel dried brush it out make sure is generously spread out put it up get it out of your face and leave it in for at least 10 minutes rinse your hair with shampoo conditioner and you’re golden it is amazing moving on to a mask that, I use in my shower where, I want quick fix for my hair this is the Brio geo deep conditioning mask it contains vitamin b-complex rosehip avocado oil and collagen all to help restore and replenish the damaged hair to a more healthy shiny state, I only apply the conditioner to the ends of my hair leave it in for at least 5 minutes and then rinse it out now for my all-time favorite hair masque it is the coconut oil, I love this stuff, I religiously use it every single week it has amazing benefits it’s moisturizing it contains vitamin E and fatty acids resulting with strong healthy shiny hair, I take a large heaping tablespoon of the stuff and, I judge my hair from my roots to the ends and, I make sure to saturate it very very well, I prefer to do this mask overnight. Because it conditions my hair much better and, I just took a clean towel just to make sure my pillow doesn’t get very oily wake up the next day double shampoo and just a light layer of conditioner that’s it these are the products that work very well for my hair they keep my hair healthy shiny strong and very well maintained and be to my salon visits do you guys have any hair products you just can’t live without let me know the comments section down below thank you so much for reading this post and I’ll see you next time love you all.

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