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Hey my lovelies, I sound super sexy right now.

Because I’m getting over a cold. But I’m getting better you guys are going to get ready with me today and do my hair from start to finish. I’m so excited for this post. Because it is brought to you in collaboration with Brio geo hair I’ve been used in their hair mask for almost a year and I’ve actually featured them in one of my posts in April of 2018 and I’ve been using it ever since and, I decided to reach out to them see. If they wanted to work together and they did. I’m so pretty excited let’s jump into it first things first is, I actually have to wake up and, I don’t like mornings, I am NOT a morning person who also slipped me out their husband always wakes up like 10 hours before, I do to seems like, I will wake up, I will stretch for about like 20 to 30 minutes to delay the morning process and then I’ll get my butt out of bed into the shower the type of hair that, I have is very fine and thin. So, I try to find products that don’t have silicone parabens da’s sulfates all of the other fillers that they add into those kind of hair products that wave my hair down it kind of it doesn’t give it life and also strips my hair of the color which, I don’t like at all.

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So, I like to find shampoos conditioners that have the really clean natural ingredients and they actually do its job and especially the brand is cruelty free and vegan that is an extra a-plus for me. Because they actually care about the environment and community a plus since, I wash my hair every third or fourth day, I like to alternate my conditioners for example one time, I will wash my hair with a regular conditioner from the same shampoo line and then the next time, I will do like a nice deep conditioning mask for the deep conditioning mask, I love using a mask where, I just use it in the shower for like five to ten minutes and this is one of my ultimate favorites this is by Brio Gio there don’t despair repair deep initially mask and great for those type of there that it’s overly damaged it’s dry over crosses or color treated hair like mine this Brio geo hair mask is formulated with now all the parabens silicon the sulfates basically all of those fillers that you don’t want you all of your hair products. But it is also cruelty free it’s gluten free it has organic ingredients for example like algae growth hip Argan oils vitamin b2 go and give your hair this beautiful healthy luxurious looking shiny hair which I’m always after after shampooing, I will take about a half to a full tablespoon of the hair mask and mostly focuses on the middle to the ends of my hair. But then whatever is left over, I will kind of give it a nice massage all the way up summer mousse the reason why is. Because this is a very lightweight mask and I’m not scared it’s going to weigh my hair down, I will leave it in for about five to ten minutes and do my thing the shower you know like shave do a face mask whatever and then, I would sprint it out as normal and by the way. If you want to save some money when you buy these products brioche EO hair we’re very kind to offer a coupon code of 20% off your entire purchase when you check out just type in Milla boo and that’s it you save 20% off your purchase how cool is that once my hair is nice and clean, I get out of the shower a kind of towel drying and then this is where, I like to apply some type of leave-in conditioner or like a styling cream and the most importantly like a heat protectant. Because, I do put a/c in my hair either with a blow dryer hair straightener curling iron whatever is that is really important to me and, I like using this one this is a blow dry protection and style heat protectant cream, and it’s great.

Because basically like a two in one product since, I like to let my hair air dry for about 80%, I apply the product let my hair do its thing I’m actually just apply makeup or whatever, I have anything else going on that day and then, I go blow-dry my hair and then, I Ellen and I’m not going to put a second to protect it in just. Because Rio Gio already protects my hair up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and, I never go above that, I always usually stick to 3:30 fair tight that is my choice of preference just to keep my hair nice and healthy just. Because, I do use a lot of heat we’re going to take a nice big section just. Because I’m going to do a nice beachy way for my hair that means the first section can go away and the next section is going to go towards my face and I’m going to keep alternating away towards away towards my face just to kind of give it that really effortless beachy look I’m going to keep at least one inch off the curling iron just to give a really nice straight work towards the bottom turn in keep one inch out and then away from the thing by altering directions of your curls has been give it that really effortless beachy look unless it curls cool off and do it Satan I’m going to come back messing it up a little bit add a little bit of extra spray and dry shampoo one of the others and then, I just go back in with my hand and fingers and, I just messy up the curls and give it a little bit more texture and a little bit more of a TC look. So kind of separate the curls a little bit more what do we think, I just love the way my hair feels and it smells good and it looks good, I love it looks super healthy shiny voluminous and, I just love the Brio geo products they’re incredible great ingredients they nourish my hair it protects my hair and my hair feels fabulous you guys cuz, I have that sexy 3b click voice right now, I feel that I’m entitled to some sexy – almost for you you’re welcome and there we have it for my get ready with me hair care routine, I hope you guys found it informative fun and entertaining, I hope to see you guys on the next one, I love you all very much bye.

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